I Hate Adult Coloring Books — I Rather Paint Like A 7 Year Old

I can’t say that I’m on the adult coloring book bandwagon. Believe me, I’ve tried. I was initially really excited when I found out it was a thing. The books were really tempting with such beautiful designs. And the possibilities — ah, the possibilities!

But when I bought my first coloring book and started to color, I realized just how incredibly annoying and tedious it was.


The lines! There are so many lines! And so many colors have to be used to actually make it look decent. Do you guys know how many markers I was going through?!

What I thought would be a relaxing and mind-releasing experience turned into the complete opposite. I found myself getting frustrated trying to stay inside the lines and trying to come up with cool color combos. It was all too much!

I decided to try out a different medium for my artistic expression — painting!

After attending a BYOB painting event last year, I realized just how much I really loved painting.

So I bought paint supplies at the craft store and started painting with my son. Sometimes we painted on canvases:

or little wooden items from the craft store:

Other times, we just used good ‘ol paper. (Cover photo)

What I realized from painting (and arguably about myself) is that I don’t like sticking to rigid constraints. I don’t like to play by the rules or color inside the lines — the incredibly tiny, meticulous lines.

I love to make broad strokes! I love imperfections. I love not knowing what my painting will look like when I start.

When I paint, I completely forget about the stresses of my life. I am not focused on anything else but my picture. I experiment with mixing colorings, using different types of brushes, using my fingers, or other objects. I completely zone out.

It’s a form of self-care for me — almost like meditating. Nothing else matters at that present moment, but what color I’m going to use next or what I’m going to paint next. It’s an incredibly therapeutic escape for me.

So kudos to any and all that can stand the adult coloring books. They do have some amazing artwork inside. But I’ll stick to my messy and mediocre paintings. They bring me more joy 🙂



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  1. courtalex95 says:

    Definitely feel you on the adult contouring book thing. They’re fun to me, but I do find myself losing the “mindfulness” piece of things trying to make sure it looks nice. Painting is really therapeutic! Have you tried playing around with different textures as well? Sometimes I like mixing glitter or confetti-like paper scraps in to do that.


  2. PamP says:

    I can completely relate about not liking to color in the lines of life. I enjoyed your article it actually inspired a new one in me. Keep up the good work!


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  3. I like this idea! I work in a bookstore snd the adult coloring books always seemed to be too much to me. I was always trying to figure out where the mindfulness piece came in. But painting… *runs to michaels*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL, thanks!!! Give it a try!

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