What Is My Truth?

I have been gone. I haven’t contributed to my blog for two whole weeks. I deleted my social media apps for a week and people were worried. I even had a few loved ones reach out to me, to make sure everything was OK. I assured them that I was fine. In fact, I was more than fine. I was flourishing. And I have been growing tremendously for the past month. Life recently changed for me, drastically. Everything I thought I knew – I didn’t. I found myself at a crossroads. I was faced with an incredibly difficult choice: become a victim of my circumstances, or fight.

Fight for clarity. Fight for peace of mind. Fight for love. Fight for me. Fight for stability. Fight for knowledge. Fight for my life. I’ve been fighting for a long time. Life can be a feisty opponent when she wants to be. And she was getting the better of me on more than one occasion. But that was because I was fighting alone. Or so I thought.

Within this month, I have embarked on a spiritual journey. A journey that is bringing me closer to God, closer to wholeness, closer to happiness, and closer to myself. I chose to give up meat and alcohol for the month of May to achieve physical, mental, and emotional wellness. I began exercising and meditating. And I’ve been reading…A LOT!

I also disappeared from social media. I did not intend to frighten anyone or to abandon my blog (which I absolutely love). But I needed a clear head. I needed silence. I needed to create a space void of distractions so that I could re-evaluate my truths. Because as I am changing, so are my truths.

The moment I create inauthentic content for Nadia Rising, is the moment I shut her down. I never want to present a truth that isn’t true. That pretty much defeats the purpose, right? So as I began to notice that my truths were changing because I was changing, I recognized that I needed to dedicate time to myself to ensure I cultivated the appropriate space in which my new ideas and truths could flourish. And in that time, boy did those ideas flourish?! I have an arsenal of engaging content that I can’t wait to share and I hope you guys stick around to see!

I never forget, even for a second, the power that is within the stories I share and the vulnerability I present to the world. And I never forget, even for a second, how fortunate I am to have amazing support from friends, family, and readers who show Nadia Rising love.

So as I continue this exhilarating journey of mine, I look forward to taking you guys along for the ride. Thank you for your patience and thank you for simply being dope.

Seek happiness, always.



Title photo: http://thecrowd.me/the-art-of-change

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