5 Advantages to Hiking!

Last summer I went hiking for the first time ever and I discovered just how much I love it! It’s an incredibly invigorating experience. Here are my 5 Advantages to Hiking:

1. Mental Escape

When you venture out onto hiking trails, you leave behind the distractions of work, school, daily stresses, and most importantly…Wifi! That’s right, you can put your phone away. When you have the opportunity to take a break from all of those distractions, you find out just how peaceful it can be to hear your own thoughts. Take this time to unwind, declutter your mind, and love yourself all over again.

2. Experience Nature

I don’t know about you, but I’m a city girl. I live in the heart of Chicago and although I love the concrete jungle, I absolutely love when I can escape and get lost in Mother Nature. You can take the time to appreciate the pure magic that is around you and experience a change of pace different from your normal environment.

3. Exercise Without The Gym 

The beauty of hiking is that you’re getting a workout without even realizing it! (Unless you’re hiking a really difficult track, then nevermind) But it’s awesome to know that you’re body is benefiting and ultimately changing from the physical activity you exert during your hikes, without putting in hours are the gym.

4. Bond With Others

If you choose to share this experience with a friend, what a magical journey it will be! Because you guys are free from daily distractions, you can enjoy each other’s company fully and uninterrupted. Also, you guys can help support and motivate each other during the hike! And when it’s all over, go grab something to eat to celebrate your accomplishments that day.

5. Free 

The best advantage of all: it’s FREE! Who doesn’t like free things? There are tons of trails and paths that are free of charge. So it will cost you nothing to embark on this enriching journey, but you’ll gain so much more in return.

If you live in the Chicagoland region, I would definitely suggest visiting Starved Rock! The waterfalls are beautiful, the trails are vast, and you forget that you’re still in Illinois! If you have some favorite hiking trails, stories, or tips, please share them below! #HappyHiking


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