I Didn’t Choose This Body

If I were thinner
I’d be prettier
More desirable
I’d be less
But I’d be more
Right now I am more
In the bad way
In the fat way
And I am less
I feel less
This body is not mine
I didn’t choose it
I don’t claim it
It just happened
I tell it to be different
Try to make it different
It’s stubborn
Taunts me
Ridicules me in the mirror
Stretches my clothes
Lessens my opinion
Of who I am
Of what I’m worth
More than this body
It’s hard to see that
See past the shell
But when I do
The rare times that I do
I see that I am more
In the good way



Photo: http://phillipes-finest.tumblr.com/post/78594069205

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