Aidan’s Quote of the Week: 3/27/17 – 4/2/17

Aidan: Mommy, have you ever felt invisible?

Me: Sure, sometimes. Why, have you?

Aidan: Yes. The other day at Boys and Girls Club, no one would play with me. I kept asking and they just told me no.

Me: Babe, I’m so sorry to hear that! Thank you for telling me. What did you end up doing?

Aidan: I just went to my own table and colored.

Me: I hate that you had to experience that. Know that you are never invisible! Some people are just blind. You’re a dope ass kid.

Aidan: You think they’re blind?!

Me: Obviously! If they can’t see what an awesome friend you are.

Aidan: Yeah! You’re right, they are blind! Look at this face. Who wouldn’t want to play with this face?!

Me:…..OK, you’re done.

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