The Affirmation to Rival Them All

Girlosophy: A Soul Survival Kit, by Anthea Paul was a LIFE-CHANGING book for me. I bought this book when I was 14 years old, let a girl borrow it (who never returned it), forgot about it, rediscovered it at age 20, ordered it online, and fell in love with it all over again. *deep breath*


This book encourages all young women, from all walks of life, to find their individual truth. Talk about empowerment! The contents of the book are:

  • Girl
  • Life
  • Purpose
  • Love
  • Beauty
  • Healing
  • Energy
  • Awareness
  • Growth
  • Spirit
  • Hope
  • Woman

Throughout this blog, I will be sharing affirmations, words of encouragement, and other beautiful quotes from this book. Today, I will share the affirmation of ALL affirmations….at least, in my opinion. I memorized this all-encompassing mantra and recited it every night before bed, as a teenager. In light of my recent “awakeness”, I have started doing it again. Enjoy:

I love and trust myself in every way and I accept myself without judging because I am part of the Universe, created of and by the infinite being.

I can manifest all of my dreams and desires because I have a personal connection to the infinite intelligence and I am at one with this power.

It is possible for me to exceed my goals because beauty, power, and harmony abound in my heart and in my mind.

I am able to love, forgive and release everything in the past.

I am able to attract as many positive experiences as I want and need and recognize this as part of my individual destiny.

I believe in the unlimited peace and love which, as a child of the Universe, is my birthright.

– Anthea Paul

I encourage you to recite this affirmation in your daily life. I have since switched from saying this at night to saying it in the morning as I believe it gives me just the perfect boost to be productive and thoughtful in my day. If you decide to use this mantra, let us know in the comments below about your experience! If you have your own affirmations, please share them!


Photo: Butterflies Meditation Art Spiritual Buddha Zen Goddess by Sue Halstenberg

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